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Chairman Shi Peiwen visited Zhangye City to investigate cultural tourism projects

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On October 10, Shi Peiwen, Party secretary and chairman of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, and Lu Xiaoheng, Party secretary of Zhangye Municipal Party Committee, had a discussion and exchange, and the two sides had in-depth communication on further accelerating the in-depth cooperation of cultural tourism resource scenic spots。Zhangye Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, mayor Zhao Lixiang, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General Qiao Zhenhua, deputy mayor Hao Xiaodong, Municipal government secretary Yang Yulin, municipal SASAC and related enterprises responsible person, group company deputy general manager Chu Zhen, responsible person of related subsidiaries participated in the talks。

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Lu Xiaoheng welcomed the visit of Shi Peiwen and his delegation and thanked Gansu Cultural Tourism Group for its attention and support to the development of the cultural tourism industry in Zhangye City。He points out,Since its establishment, Gansu Cultural Tourism Group has established a pragmatic cooperative relationship with Zhangye,Good cooperation progress and substantive results have been achieved,Landed Zhangye Pingshan Lake big scenic area equity cooperation,近期,The two parties also added equity cooperation with Gansu Xinglv Cultural Tourism Company,The two sides should continue to deepen practical cooperation in the future,Through professional vision, systematic thinking to explore the potential of Zhangye cultural tourism industry, revitalize cultural tourism resources, detonate the popularity of cultural tourism consumption,Promote Zhangye cultural tourism industry to achieve expansion and efficiency,Zhangye actively plans to establish the group's regional center platform in Hexi region,Jointly start to call bright Zhangye tourism "golden signboard"。

Zhao Lixiang said that in recent years, Zhangye City and Gansu Cultural Tourism Industry Group have made gratifying achievements in land-enterprise cooperation, and the cooperation between the two sides has yielded fruitful results and good news has been spread frequently。It is hoped that on the existing basis, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and exchanges around the in-depth development of historical and cultural resources, adhere to the concept of cultural tourism and tourism, join hands to create a new spring of Zhangye cultural tourism industry, and jointly promote the dream blueprint into a beautiful reality。
Shi Peiwen briefly introduced the basic situation of the visit, as well as the integration of cultural tourism resources, tourism format layout, scenic area construction and operation of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group in Zhangye area。He said that Zhangye City has always been an important strategic partner of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, and the two sides have achieved gratifying results through a series of cooperation projects。He hopes both sides can make use of their strengths,On the basis of the existing Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon scenic spot and Zhangye Ice Ditch Danxia scenic spot cooperation,Further develop in-depth cooperation with Zhangye City,We will accelerate the upgrading of tourism,We will carry out investment in incremental forms of business,Strengthen regional cultural and tourism resources integration planning,We will accelerate the joint operation and planning of cooperation projects,With the support of Zhangye City government,Zhangye will be built into a domestic and international first-class tourist destination。
The two sides exchanged views on the cooperation of some specific projects。
The day before the discussion, Shi Peiwen, chairman of the Shandan military horse farm, Zhangye ice ditch Danxia and other scenic spots, conducted in-depth research and investigation。

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